Sewage Treatment

Rochem-dark-blue MBR - Membrane Bio Reactor

Sewage treatment systems for Vessels and Marine Structures.

ROCHEM® systems are designed to treat combined black and grey waste waters from sewage, galley (after grease trap unit), accommodation and laundry grey waste waters.

  • No chemicals needed for operation.
  • Meets international contaminant limits imposed by MARPOL/IMO.
  • Wastewater can be discharged overboard in any harbor or coastal area.

Sewage treatment systems for Naval surface ships and Submarines.

ROCHEM® RO systems are designed to fulfil all Naval requirements, such as shock and vibration resistance, EMC low, airborne and structure borne noise emission, a-magnetic design, according to NATO STANAG regulation.

R.T.S Rochem-dark-blue Sewage Systems

Capacity: 140m3/day

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2000+ Rochem-blue installations Worldwide

Navy ships


Research ships

Cruise ships

Merchant cargo ships

Mega yachts

Off-shore platforms

All Rochem-blue systems are manufactured in Germany and the UK

Approved by all International classification societies
Designed to fulfill all Naval requirements
Meets international contaminant limits
No chemicals needed for operation

  • AGQS

    RTS Germany manufacturing facility

    Certificate No: 340-QMS-13-00

  • AJA Europe | UKAS Management Systems

    RTS UK manufacturing facility

    Cerificate No: AJAEU/19/15655