Freshwater systems for Vessels and Marine structures.

ROCHEM® meets the needs of ship crews and offshore platform operators for high-quality drinking water. Incorporating Reverse Osmosis technology that cleans, sterilises, and desalinates seawater to high quality pure potable water.

– Specially developed for operation in polluted coastal areas
– Proven reliability, low noise emissions, easy to operate
– Approved by all International classification societies
– Does not need any chemicals pre-treatment
– Are self-controlled for safe operation by unskilled personnel

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Freshwater systems for Naval surface ships and Submarines.

      • ROCHEM® systems are used in 25 navies worldwide and fitted to over 180 global defence vessels, including frigates, patrol boats, coastal guards, mine hunters, corvettes, and landing craft vessels.

    They are designed to fulfill all Naval requirements, such as shock resistance, EMC low, airborne and structure borne noise emission, a-magnetic design, according to international standards and requirements for military operability and survivability.

    ROCHEM® systems are unique for installation in submarines.

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Marine Spare Parts and Fittings

Fita Marine is a specialist supplier of marine spare parts, components and fittings for commercial and defence navy vessels and marine structures.
We also guarantee aftermarket support for your ROCHEM® system.
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